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Our salmon comes from our carefully selected premium supply partners from Faroe Islands, Australia, Norway, Scotland, Chile and Canada.

Together with our specialized domestic fresh and frozen cold chain supply operations within China, we are able to bring the freshest salmon to the plate of China’s fast growing, salmon loving consumers.

Auslink Marine is also a well established salmon importer in Singapore, Japan and South East Asia.

We are importers of fresh whole salmon, vacuum packed fillets, fresh portions, frozen whole salmon as well as frozen salmon by products including heads, frames and bellies.

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(Scomber Scombrus)

The Atlantic Mackerel, is a pelagic schooling species of Mackerel found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Mackerel is by far the most common of the species of the family caught in the North Atlantic waters. It is extremely common and during the summer it migrates in huge numbers. The Atlantic Mackerel's superiority over other forms of Mackerel is due to its high fat content when caught in season. Auslink Marine only import Atlantic Mackerel with high fat content the testing of which must have passed Japanese inspections.

The Atlantic Mackerel is more commonly known in Asia as "Saba". Grilled Mackerel or "Saba Shioyaki" is a very popular meal found in almost all Japanese restaurants across China.

Auslink Marine has been importing frozen Mackerel directly into China by sea container loads and on sell to our restaurant and retail customers.

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(Mallotus villosus)

The Capelin or Caplin, is a small forage fish of the smelt family found in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

The Capelin is commonly found in Japanese eateries in the form of  "Shishamo" where the Capelin are eaten grilled and whole. The prized Capelin are the ones bursting with roe which can only be found during limited times of the year.  It is only during these times, that Auslink Marine purchase our Capelin and import into China.

Auslink Marine has been importing frozen Capelin directly in China by sea container loads and we sell to our restaurant and retail customers.

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(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Our Trout comes from Scotland and Norway.

We have customers who prefer the taste, texture and deeper richer color of Trout meat and work closely with our partner suppliers to develop the optimum supply chain from farm to customer.

Available as fresh whole as well as in Vacuum pack fillets. Secondary cuts such as heads, back bone, belly's and skin are also available in frozen format.

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Sourced direct from Canada, the Stimpson’s Surf Clam is a tasty mollusk with a sweet delicate flavor similar to that of lobster and scallops. The product can be prepared in two parts that are sold separately on the market—the foot and the mantle. The foot of the Stimpson’s Surf Clam is perfect for sushi and other dishes where presentation is key, while the mantle goes very well in all recipes for mollusks and seafood.

Mantel meat is also available.

We have been directly importing Hokkigai into China since 2016.

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Snow crab is one of the main species fished in Quebec, Canada. This well-known crustacean’s unique flesh—delicate strings of orange-pink on the outside and white on the inside—make it a very popular species. Its fine, delicious flavor makes it a big hit with Asian consumers.

Frozen claws also available

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Greenland Halibut is a delicious white fish with a rich and delicate flavor and firm, dense flesh. It is the most heavily fished species in Quebec, Canada. It is a fantastic substitute for halibut, sole, haddock, cod, and flounder.

It is similar to Atlantic halibut, but much smaller in size. Generally, specimens weighing between 800g and 1000g.

They are caught from April to October and directly imported by sea containers into China.

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