For nearly 10 years now, Auslink Marine has been exporting Tasmanian salmon to China and Singapore.

From the pristine waters of Tasmania, we have the ability to deliver salmon from farm to plate within 2 days. This is achieved by partnering with our excellent salmon Farmers and providing optimal supply chain capabilities to ensure the freshest possible salmon reaching our discerning customers.

From high end sushi chains in Shanghai, fine dining restaurants in Beijing  to bustling supermarkets in Singapore, Auslink Marine has been busy developing and building the Tasmanian salmon market in Asia.



Auslink Marine Product, began its entry into the premium seafood business with the processing and exporting of Australian Abalone.

Auslink’s Abalones are wild caught by skilled divers (not farmed) and come from the Southern waters of South East Australia. The taste and texture of our product is as natural as it is superb.

Today, the family business remain owners of Australian Abalone Licenses in both New South Wales and Tasmania and engages divers for the production of the finest quality, wild caught, Australian Abalone.

The vast majority of our Abalone remain in Australia serving the domestic Australian consumers and tourist markets, which include high end Sydney seafood restaurants, which are renowned for their uncompromising and exacting standards.



We believe the Australian Queensland Scallop is the world's best scallop. Found in the ideallic waters near the Australian barrier reef, wild caught Australian scallops are high in demand by Chinese and Western restaurants across China.

Scallops are available as frozen on the half shell or as meat only, packed into

1kg bags:​

21/30 pieces to the pound
30/40 pieces to the pound
40/60 pieces to the pound

We have been exporting Australian Queensland scallops since 2013.

Main Course Gourmet Meal


(Melicertus Plebejus)

Australian King Prawns, have an international reputation for being the highest quality prawns/shrimp available. Wild caught (not farmed) Australian King Prawns are graded, packaged into 5kg cartons, snap frozen at sea and stored at a temperature of below of -30°C.


​(prawns per lb)       Weight range (grams)
Under 6                    76g and over
6/8                             56g to 75g
8/10                           45g to 55g
10/15                         30g to 44g
16/20                         23g to 29g




From the water's of South Australia's Spencer Gulf, our Hiramasa Kingfish is simply the finest farmed King Fish.

Sweet to taste and melt in your mouth texture, we believe this is possibly the World's best sashimi. 

We import Hiramasa Kingfish directly into China and Singapore as both vacuum packed fillets and whole fish.


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