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Trusted Seafood Partner For Over 30 Years

Auslink Marine is one of Asia's largest seafood distribution and trading businesses.

Auslink Marine Products, was formed in 1991 in Australia, specializing in the export of seafood products from Australia into Asia, predominantly into China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. 

From its origins of exporting Australian Abalone and Lobsters, today, our family owned company also imports and exports Salmon, Trout, Scallops, Hokkigai, Mackerel as well as many other seafood from around the world to markets including Singapore, China, Japan and South East Asia.

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George Chung

Auslink Marine was founded by George Chung (pictured). who was an early pioneer in the exporting of live Australian Abalone and Southern Rock Lobster into China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and other Asian countries. Fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and with an unparalleled work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit, George started Auslink Marine in Australia in 1991. By 1992, Auslink Marine was the first Australian Company to begin exporting Live Australian Abalone and Live Southern Rock Lobsters directly (rather through Hong Kong) to China. Much has been achieved since those early and difficult years.

George currently serves as the Chairman of Auslink Marine Products Australia and was formerly one of the owners of Southern Ocean Seafoods NSW Pty Ltd, previously, one of Australia’s leading Live Abalone exporter. George was also a member of the Abalone Management Advisory Committee of New South Wales, Australia and has previously served as the Australian Seafood Co-operative Research Centre's Chief Representative of Wild-Caught Abalone to China. 

George’s son, Anthony is based in Singapore and now takes care of the day to day operations of Auslink Marine's Asia business. Prior to joining the family business, Anthony had been Vice President and General Manager (Asia, Africa and Middle East) of a German medical device company and before that, had been the Vice President (Asia Pacific) for a NYSE listed medical device company. Anthony is an Australian Chartered Accountant and an alumni of Macquarie University's Economics and Law School.

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